Windmill Valley
Windmill Valley
Windmill Valley
Windmill Valley

Windmill Valley

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Windmill Valley

Windmill Valley

Windmill Valley is a game inspired by bloemen route in netherlands famous for its beautiful tulip fields. Players take on the role of tulip farmers who want to become the most successful entrepreneurs. You will build and enhance windmills, buy new tulip bulbs on foreign trades or among local vendors, hire the most skillful workers and fulfill lucrative contracts. Let your blooming fields make your competitors green with envy!
★ A lighter engine-building euro game that can be played in an hour
★ Designed by Dani Garcia, the designer of Barcelona and Arborea
★ Beautiful high-quality components, such as 36 wooden windmill tokens, 200 thick colorful tulips and dual-layered player boards
★ A clever action selection mechanism that you upgrade during the course of the game

• 1 Main Board
• 4 Windmill Boards
• 36 Windmill Tokens (9 Per Player Color)
• 20 Player Markers (5 Per Player Color)
• 14 “X” Tiles
• 1 Calendar Limit Tile
• 24 Common Wheel Enhancement Tiles
• 12 Uncommon Wheel Enhancement Tiles
• 12 Unique Wheel Enhancement Tiles
• 1 Floodgate Marker
• 1 Water Level Marker
• 3 Neutral Markers
• 40 Tool Tokens
• 200 Tulip Bulbs (40 In Each Of 5 Colors)
• 30 Farm Enhancement Cards
• 6 Starting Farm Enhancement Cards
• 4 Foreign Trade Cards

♦ Player Components:
• 1 Farm Board (Per Player)
• 1 Windmill Board (Per Player)
• 9 Windmill Tokens (Per Player Color)
• 5 Player Markers (Per Player Color)
• 1 Player Aid

♦ Solo Components:
• 20 Gardener Cards
• Overlay Tile

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